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Map Koh Chang Cliff Beach

Map Koh Chang Cliff Beach

 How to get to Koh Chang Cliff Beach
By Air
Bangkok Airways has 3 flights daily to Trat. The flight time is 50 minutes. Transfers from Trat Airport to Koh Chang should be arranged with the Airways in order to ensure your ferry crossing onto Koh Chang on the same day.

For flight information and booking log onto www.bangkokair.com
By Car
The best way to get to Koh Chang requires a 4 to 4 1/2 hours trip to Trat province. Once you are in Trat, ferry services are available at three main piers to go to the island.

Route A: Rama IX or Srinakarin-Ban Bung-Klaeng-Chantaburi-Trat

Start from Rama IX Road or Srinakarin Road, then exit after paying the second toll that leads to Ban Bung, Klaeng, Chantaburi and finally Trat. The total toll fee is around 60 Baht.

Route B: Bangna-Chonburi-Ban Bung-Klaeng-Chantaburi-Trat
- Take Highway No. 3 (Bangna-Trat Road) until you reach the Chonburi bypass.You can either take the normal road or the elevated Bangkok- Chonburi tollway which is right above it. Toll fee is 55 Baht.

- Exit from the main road, head to the left and follow the Chonburi bypass that reads Pattaya-Rayong.

- Head for Rayong until you see the Ban Bung-Kleng- Chantaburi and the Bang Saen- Pattaya signboards.

- Take the Ban Bung-Klaeng- Chantaburi route on your left. You are now on Highway No. 344

- Take the right route at Ban Bung-Klaeng junction and head for Klaeng only until you reach the Chantaburi-Rayong junction. Turn left to Chantaburi but do not enter the town which is on your right. This is again Highway No. 3. Go forward until you reach the Sa Kaew-Trat junction

- Take the right turn to the town of Trat.
By Air-Conditioned Bus
The Ekamai Bus Terminal in Bangkok is the main terminal for the eastern provinces, which can be reached through the BTS Skytrain, Ekamai Station.

The other station is at the Northern Bus Terminal (New Morchid), located at New Morchid on Kampaeng Petch Road. Air-conditioned and ordinary buses depart almost every hour. The trip is about 5 hours.

The bus station at Trat Province is around 1 km from the town centre. Visitors can catch a taxi from there to the pier. If you arrive at Trat after 5:00 p.m. you will need to rent the taxi as a private transfer. On the way back, you can catch a taxi from Ao Thammachat Pier to Trat town or to the bus.
Ekamai Phone : (02) 391 - 2331
Mor Chit Phone : (02) 936 - 3388, 936 - 3939
Chantaburi Phone : (039) 312 - 011
Ferries Ao Thammachat (Thammachat Bay) has 2 piers.

Centre Point Ferry operates from 6.00 am until 7.00 pm. The ferries depart around every hour between November – April, and on long weekends landing at Dan Kao Cabana. There is a small charge per person, but there is no cost on the vehicle. Traveling time is about 40 minutes.

Koh Chang Ferry operates from 6.30 am until 7.00 pm. The ferries depart around every hour between November – April, and on long weekends landing at Ao Sapparos (Sapparos Bay). There is a small charge per person, or per vehicle. Travelling time is approximately 25 minutes.

The frequency lessens during other times of the year depending on the crowd and weather.

On arrival at Koh Chang, you will find some taxis ready to take you to anywhere on Koh Chang. The fare ranges from 40 to 100 Baht per person depending on the distance.